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wellwellwell.  wasnt expecting that.  molly, you get spanked next time i see you ;)  thanks so much to you and lawrence! :blowkiss:

a few little things, for people who are interested!

mia is my daughter, she is 6 years old and i can assure you there is no abuse involved when it comes to some of the scarier poses.  shes a naturally scary child =P (you might think thats random, but i have actually had people accuse me of being a bad mother over some shots :lol: )  she LOVES to model, we spend ages thinking of ideas and suchlike, she gets very involved in the process and badgers me incessantly for photoshoots.  saying that, once the makeup and costumes have been finished, i usually spend the majority of the shoot going 'mia will you PLEASE just keep still!!!!'  coz shes a fidget and has ants in her pants :lol:

our next shoot, which i will definately provide some stock for, is a recreation in our own special way of the 2 scary girls in the shining :giggle:  her friend brooklyn is helping out with that one ;)

mia has her own art account on here, she loves getting your comments so please please go and leave her some love! fairymia

and obviously mummy has her own long-standing account on here as well, where a lot of my work with mia is displayed at Lady-Twiglet

i dont update this account a lot, i dont actually set out to do stock photography, but i do post the pictures that i dont do any work on for my main account, so they are still of good quality and full size :aww:

i love love LOVE having my stock used, and all the work done with it can be found in my faves, go take a look!


# All images are free for private use.

# These images must NOT be redistributed. If you wish to use my stock to create rendered stock figures or backgrounds, please note me PRIOR to creating these.

# All images, unless otherwise specified, are free for print use within DA, or for personal gift art outside of DA. PLEASE DO NOT USE FOR COMMERCIAL USE WITHOUT FIRST ASKING ME. This includes commercial website graphics, promotional material, t-shirts and art prints outside of DA.

# DO NOT UPLOAD DEVIATIONS IN THE PHOTOGRAPHY GALLERY - these are my photographs - if you manipulate them in any way, including overlays on your photographs or backgrounds for figure images, they belong in the photomanipulation category.

# Please link back to twigstock and credit me :)

# Please note me to let me know you've used an image, or comment on the deviation you've used so I can take a peek and fave it :D

# I do not allow use for images which promote war, violence, physical or sexual abuse, and remember that a lot of my stock features my child mia, any of these cannot have any form of sexual theme.  use your common sense people!

If you have any problems or questions or anything, just contact me here or on my Lady-Twiglet account, i'll do what i can to help!

Lady-Twiglet :kiss: